The Great Move

Last night, at around midnight, three figures were sneaking furtively through a pitch black patch of forest in the middle of a Vineyard.

Yep, last night we put our new bees in place in their new home. Sadly it was just too dark to get any pictures, or even any effective video, and a couple of wrong turns meant we were in no mood to post by the time we got home. The bees are now there however, and we’re happy to have them in place.

The move itself was simple – though the management of them will require a little work. We know that one hive is queen right (i.e. has a good, mated queen and healthy brood). One may or may not have a mated or virgin queen, and we’ll be checking for that today when we get the chance. The last has drone-laying workers. We’ve had various advice on what to do with this one, and we’ll make a final decision on what to do when we go for the inspection later.

For now though the bees are in place, I’m back to being stuck in the office (day job), but managed to negotiate an early release to get down there and have a look at them.

Only one sting through the night as well, even though the bees were definitely not happy about the trip (it was after their bedtime after all). Probably a few more today, unless they’ve calmed down over the course of the day and are enjoying their new territory.

I think the fact that I’m in a good mood having been lugging heavy beehives through pitch black woodland up until nearly midnight suggests that this might be the life for me. Either that or the sting is making me delirious.

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